Some of my featured work in online and print media.


Illustration for the article "Responding to Stigma with Self-love" in Minds Matter Magazine Volume IV: Love.

Kernels in Karachi

A poem and illustration dedicated to a popular street food of Karachi, published in In/progress magazine's issue "Tastes Like Home".

Art for Asifa

"The soil beneath the rubbish heap
was a witness
as there laid between
flesh and bones and
torn out clothes and... blood.
As a flower now wilted, mutilated,
robbed of its fragrance.
"It was a human's doing... again."
Yesterday, she was Zainab.
Today, she is Asifa.
Tomorrow, who knows?"

Artwork and poetry in response to the abduction, rape and murder of an 8 year-old girl Asifa Bano near Kathua in Indian-administered Kashmir in January 2018, featured in an article by Mid-day newspaper.

Aurat March

Poster submission for Aurat (Women's) March in Pakistan which was displayed in a Poster Compendium in Lahore. 


"She was the earth;
singing songs of motherly love,
covered in grime,
giving birth to flowers blooming in your garden.

She was water;
a deep blue world hidden beneath,
quenching your perpetual thirst of life.

She was fire;
consuming you whole,
burning the cursed parts of your soul.

But lastly, she was air,
the reason why you breathed in the suffocating aura of this brutal world."

Visual poetry submission published in The Women's Issue.

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